Bengaluru FC & Their Roller-coaster Ride Of 2022/23 ISL

by Kumar Saurabh

Nov 25, 2022

World Cup 



Bengaluru FC started their 2022/23 ISL journey with Manager Simon Grayson and captain Sunil Chhetri. They were one of the contenders for the title race. Right now, they are in 3rd position on the league table and ready to claim their semi-final spot.

A Good Start


The team started their opening game with a 1-0 win against NorthEast United and followed it with a 1-1 draw against Chennaiyin.


BFC head coach Simon Grayson: 

“Our sit-back mentality after scoring the goal hurt us.”


But the way their season headed forward. Everyone started losing hope.


Unexpected Performance And Losses


After getting 4 points from the first 2 games, Bengaluru FC lost their four games in a row against,


Hyderabad 1-0 Bengaluru FC

Odisha 1-0 Bengaluru FC


Simon Grayson: 

We need to find different ways of winning matches.”


Bengaluru FC  0-1 East Bengal

Mumbai City FC 4-0 Bengaluru FC

They were bottom of the table with only 4 points in 6 games.

Manager Simon Grayson was worried about the team’s performance and their star player’s form.

Bengaluru FC coach

Simon Grayson: 

We as a team have to stick together and work on the game’s positive aspects.”


One Win And Again Series Of Losses



Bengaluru FC finally won their 7th game 2-0 against Goa. But again lost two games in a row.



Bengaluru Fc  0-1  ATK Mohun Bagan



Kerala Blasters  3-2  Bengaluru FC



They again lost their match against Jamshedpur by 1-0. But again lost two matches in a row.



Bengaluru FC  0-3  Hyderabad



East Bengal  2-1  Bengaluru FC



Bengaluru FC’s Simon Grayson: 

Last few results have hurt me more than ever before.”



The team was in the bottom half of the table with 10 points in 12 games. There was no hope among fans. But Bengaluru FC is always known for attacking and coming back to the team. 


Bengaluru FC Captain Sunil Chhetri

Change Of Fortunes and Boost In Performances


At the beginning of the new season, Bengaluru FC started to gain momentum and won their last 7 games in a row.


NorthEast United  1-2  Bengaluru FC


Bengaluru Fc  3-1  Odisha


Jamshedpur  0-3  Bengaluru FC


Bengaluru FC  3-1  Chennaiyin


ATK Mohun Bagan  1-2  Bengaluru FC


Bengaluru FC  1-0  Kerala Blasters


Bengaluru FC  2-1  Mumbai City


Simon Grayson: 
Beating Mumbai City FC is an unbelievable achievement.”



Bengaluru Fc  3-1  Goa FC


Now the team is in the upper half of the table with 34 points in 20 games. Their 8 wins in a row have pushed them to 3rd position on the table.


Javier Hernandez is performing for Bengaluru in every possible aspect. He has scored the most number of goals (6) for the team in 18 games.


On the second number Roy Krishna scored 5 goals in 17 games.


Javier Hernandez and Roy Krishna have created the most number of chances 36 & 24 respectively.


Gurpreet Sigh Sandhu has made 55 saves and 5 clean sheets in 19 games.


Bengaluru FC team performing outstanding

Race For Cup


Bengaluru FC is done with the hard part of the roller coaster ride and is in good momentum to finish their race with the cup in hand waiting at the end.


Simon Grayson: 

The team needs to continue playing with confidence and belief.”

Bengaluru FC is the finalist.


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