by Kumar Saurabh

Nov 25, 2022

World Cup 



The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar has come to a close, and Argentina’s historic triumph against France in a head-to-head match has increased interest and enthusiasm for the sport by two folds. With this, one ought to comprehend the phrases and special terminologies used by FIFA in the game, to really appreciate and understand it better. Here are some terms to help you understand things:


When the team is in possession of a break and they are in offense mode.


When the ball passes the goal line, thrown between the goalposts and under the crossbar.

Attempts at Goal       (On Target)

Also called a shot on target. It means a goal attempt is made and the goal reaches the net.

Completed Line Breaks in football

When the ball is thrown by the offensive team, it reaches beyond the last player of the defence team.

Receptions in the Final Third 

It is the strategy built by the attacking team when it starts reaching the opponent’s team goal.


A pass which is made in a large field, the pass is of medium to long range and its purpose is to reach the opponent’s pitch.

Forced Turnovers 

It is a metric to check how often the ball is taken out from the possession of the attacker by the defence team.

Second Balls 

It is an unofficial term. It is used to define a situation where two players from a similar team have the ball at the same time.

In Possession

When the team has the ball, they are in possession of the ball.

Build Up Unopposed 

It is when the team starts the game in the attacking position, the first phase of the game.

Build Up Opposed

It is when the attacking team has the ball and tries to score a goal but the opposition team is in a great defensive position.

Out Possession

When the team loses the ball, they are out of possession of the ball.

Set Piece 

It’s a kind of play where the team plays offensive and the ball is stopped and again moved back to open play.

High Press

When the team collectively tries to gain possession of the ball and try to score a goal.

Mid Press

It happens around the halfway line, where both teams try to score a goal.

Low Press

Here the defending team collects near their goalpost to stop the goal from happening

Defensive Transition

A situation when the team loses the ball when they are moving to play defense.


When the team loses the ball but immediately they try to win the ball back.

Build-Up Phase

It is a part of an attacking game, where the attacking team tries to make a goal and the opponent team tries to stop the goal from happening.

Progression Phase

When the team progresses in the pitch and moves the ball towards the pitch.

Final Third Phase

When the attacking team crosses the midfield and reaches into the area of opposition and tries to reach the deadline.

Offering to Receive

When a player makes an attempt to receive the ball from her teammate and complete the attempt.

Kick from Foot

When the player throws the ball forcefully, it needs to throw from outside of the front part of the foot.


The amount of fans can be increased by paying close attention to the game’s small elements. These terms assist football fans and others attempting to comprehend the game in understanding the fundamentals. 


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